Want your money to have a positive impact on people?

When you give through Brown Line Vineyard, your money leads directly to deeper, fuller lives. Every dollar of donations through our church is put to use to welcome people, to host people, to help people grow & learn, and to bless our neighbors. 

Thank you for considering partnering with us financially! All donations through Brown Line Vineyard, a registered non-profit, are tax-deductible. You can make a one-time donation, or (if we might suggest) set up a recurring donation, which helps us plan and budget.

Give more by giving the same...

Save us on processing fees by sending your donation via Chase QuickPay to recipient: brownlinevineyard@gmail.com

More about giving through Brown Line Vineyard

The work of this church is entirely homegrown. It happens entirely through donations -- mostly regular donations from people who call this community their home. We encourage all who come to call Brown Line Vineyard home to invest financially -- and not just for our sake, for your own sake too! Jesus famously said, "where your treasure is, there your heart is as well," as if to say the more we back something with our money the more connected and invested our heart will feel as a result.


Would you consider a tithe?

We recommend you consider practicing the wisdom of a tithe, which is to donate 10% of your income every month to your faith community. That's not a small thing to ask! But, in our view, the wisdom of a tithe is many things:

  • The opportunity to build something together with others

  • In the same way we all need spiritual practices for prayer, reflection, compassion, community, etc, we also all need a spiritual practice that involves our possessions

  • It transforms your relationship with your money and your possessions

  • It aligns your lifestyle more with the free-flowing nature of love and of God -- toward "how generous can I be?" and away from "what's the least required of me?"

  • Supporting a local faith community (not just national or international organizations) is the best way to support the passing of spiritual health from one generation to the next


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