It's The Final Countdown! Da-da Daa Daa! (A Brief Message From Vince Before Giving Tuesday)


We miss not being with you all in person this morning, but we hope you feel at least some connection to our community after this message, which feels exciting to share with you all!

We’re in the final countdown of 2018, and of “Our Next Big Step” — BLV's 2-year fundraising campaign to grow the church and reach financial sustainability. And so every song we play at church from now until the end of the year will be The Final Countdown by Europe... on loop. 

Just kidding! Seriously though, many of you in the church have helped with this campaign and we’ve raised over $100,000 above and beyond our regular giving during these two years to help our church grow by 40% last fall, and by another 15% this year so far. (And our kids program has tripled in that time!)

For this last month of the year and of the campaign, we want to reach out to the friends and family of those of us who call BLV home for their help to end strong.

We’ve set our goal for this final push at $25,000 — that would put enough money in the bank to cover Kyle’s & Vince’s housing allowances for half of 2019 before the year even begins.

Here’s how we’re asking you to help:

First, a small thing you can do:

This Tuesday is Giving Tuesday (a day people are predisposed to thinking about charitable giving), and that morning you’re going to receive (via email and/or social media) a video BLV is producing — NOT the one in this email with Vince making a fool of himself… a much better one, delivering the message: "If you love someone who loves BLV, you can support them by supporting BLV."

Please ON TUESDAY share that video via email, text, and/or social media with your networks of friends and family. We’ll also send out a “how-to” email that morning, so it’s easy for you to share in a way that works for the ways you communicate with your friends and family.

But for the most part, getting the word out there on Giving Tuesday will just be planting seeds…

Here’s the second, bigger thing you can do:

Reach out to some people personally to share this video and say something like: "I love this community BLV, it means a lot to me x, y, and z ways. Would you consider supporting BLV as a way to support me?” We’ll be talking more about this on Sundays at our services, so stay tuned.

Thank you so much for helping make our community what it is, and for taking the time here to watch or read!

Happy last day of Thanksgiving weekend!

Vincent BrackettComment