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The Walking Dead can help you engage the Bible (and you'll be glad you did!) - Kyle Hanawalt

In our experience, the Bible is packed with relevancy and is an unmatched tool to help people connect with God. But, because it was written in a totally different time, culture, and context, its relevancy and helpfulness can often feel hard to access. We've found that our love for modern TV shows and movies (like, believe it or not, AMC's The Walking Dead) can help in this regard!

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How do you tell your story? - Vince Brackett

Who of us comes home from work after a day of petty and infuriating inconveniences involving other people and calls their friend or turns to their spouse and says: but, really, I was the one who made this day so hard for them? Probably none of us... But might we get more out of life learning to tell a more balanced story of ourselves and our lives? God inspired the Ancient Israelite authors of the Book of Exodus in just such a way...

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