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How to actually make change in our lives - Kyle Hanawalt

Everyone wants to change and grow and be a different, better person in the future than they are today. But so much of what we default to doing to try to change and grow just doesn't work. (And, sadly, so much of what churches tend to teach is things that don't work.) Kyle teaches us a helpful way to approach trying to change, and brings us to an incredible promise from God that makes change feel possible.

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12 Step Lifestyle - Vince Brackett

What can we learn by tracing a line through Bubbles from HBO's The Wire, Jesus on the Cross, and the writing of St. Paul? That churches at their best are like a 12 Step Meeting. Vince's own experience has taught him that maybe it's worth expanding our understanding of the 12-Steps beyond just Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Sex Addicts Anonymous. Maybe all people need the 12 Steps.

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Ushering in Social Change - Kyle Hanawalt

The legacy of churches is ushering in social change, BUT the legacy of churches is also being on the wrong side of history. Texts from the Bible have been misused throughout history to stifle change and maintain the status quo, but in-context readings of even the most challenging-to-modern-sensibilities Bible passages reveal the heart of the earliest Jesus communities to be about justice, equity, and inclusion.

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