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Your Home Can Help You Escape the Rat Race - Vince Brackett

Vince wonders if Anthony Anderson & Kenya Barris' hilarious, smart, and courageous TV show Blackish leverages the popularity of the "family sitcom" genre to challenge the status quo in much the same way St. Paul leveraged the popularity of the ancient "household code" genre of writing to challenge the status quo of his day. Perhaps this can instruct us about how to think about our own households and families. (TRANSCRIPT ONLY)

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The Status Quo, Injustice, & The Change You Can Affect - Kyle Hanawalt

A memorable lyric from Les Miserables reflects that, “At the end of the day you're another day older. And that's all you can say for the life of the poor. It's a struggle, it's a war.” Whether Pre-Revolution France, the 1st Century Greco-Roman culture of St. Paul's time, or Modern American cities like Chicago, what can be done about the fact that the Rat Race most negatively impacts the marginalized of society? (TRANSCRIPT ONLY)

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Faith is not a Rat Race (Thank God!) - Kyle Hanawalt

Whether the Greco-Roman rat race of 1st century Colossae, or the modern American rat race of today, human beings have always been (and maybe always will be) surrounded by messaging and social pressure that is high-anxiety & soul-sucking. Maybe a way to regularly escape this messaging and pressure is one of the biggest benefits of following Jesus...

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