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Community & Clean Communication - Vince Brackett

You know that terror you feel about letting someone down when you receive an invitation, so you mark "maybe" even though you know your answer is actually "no"? That's the aspirational RSVP, and while it can feel like the better option in the short term, it can leave a communication mess in the end. People in Jesus' day faced their own communication messes, and Jesus' advice was humbling but incredibly helpful.

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A Crash Course in Humility from Jesus - Vince Brackett

Jesus' "you have heard it said... but I say..." statements seem extreme and crazy at first read. But he's actually doing something quite brilliant in making these statements, which allows him to both knock the religious elite of his day (the Pharisees) off their high horses, and also inspiringly point people toward the spiritual, psychological, and emotional health that being humbled brings.

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