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3 Perspectives on the Relationship Between Faith & Politics - Vince Brackett

The American Religious Right’s conflation of faith and partisan politics has been bad for the country and for faith... But, while Vince used to feel the best response to that was to strive to pursue an politically neutral faith (“both sides are equally bad/good when it comes to the model of Jesus”), he now feels that to be just as unsatisfactory... so what now?

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High Stakes Peacemaking - Vince Brackett

True Peacemaking is accomplished through self-sacrifice, not protecting or preserving the status quo. Without attention to context, Jesus’ comment about bringing “not peace, but a sword” seems (at best) off-brand, and (at worst) became the rallying cry for the Crusades. But with some attention to Jesus’ context, we discover one of his most peacemaking and bridge building statements of all.

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