ICYMI: This summer's vision for being a community of care

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All July, we talked on Sundays about our vision for this summer: empowering a Pastoral Care Team at BLV. In case you missed it, give a listen to last week’s talk from Vince & Kyle to hear more…


This Summer’s Vision

We’re trying to get all of us here in this church right now thinking about prayer because of a vision that we’ve started talking about for this summer.

The vision is leaning into one particularly core value of ours: being a community of care. And, in our church’s experience, care has almost always started with prayer.

When people spend time praying with each other and for each other, compassion increases. Lives become more intertwined, in a good way. The cares of others become our cares. We feel more free to let others into our cares.

Prayer is where Pastoral Care is birthed. Things like:

  • being with someone who is in crisis or who has lost a loved one,
  • or insuring someone has a meal train set up after they have a baby or experience a massive transition or upheaval
  • or doing the little things like taking someone out for coffee or a drink after a defeating or lonely day

We want people to be praying for each others’ needs and for the greater needs of our community because we want everyone here to see themselves as the pastors of this church — caring for each other We want BLV to be a place where everyone here and everyone who comes into contact with us feels cared for.

Kyle and Vince are pastors on staff here NOT because they’re the only ones caring for people, but because they’re the organizers of all this pastoral care. But the vision is that we’re all pastors.

So this summer, we’re launching a new level of leadership here at BLV: what we’re calling our Pastoral Care Core, and we want you to consider if this is a level of leadership you feel might be right for you.

Our goal is that this would be a team of people who are leading the effort in caring for each other at this church — the meal trains, the hospital visits, the asking good questions, the taking people out for a beer or coffee, the encouraging people into personal growth.

We’ll talk more about how to raise your hand for this Pastoral Care Team as the summer goes on, but if you're intrigued, ask us for more info!

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