We want to someday... 

  • Have a massive reputation throughout Chicago for
    • offering potent and relevant spiritual direction to people of all different:
      • cultural-religious backgrounds (especially "not religious"),
      • races,
      • ethnicities,
      • generations, and
      • sexual orientations.
    • helping people heal, grow, and mature
    • being a place where:
      • Jesus holds together people from opposite sides of any given divide.
      • God's Holy Spirit is alive, active, and present.
      • children grow up with the foundational experiences of community and faith they need to thrive
  • Connect hundreds of people with life-giving relationships every week through
    • an expansive network of community life
    • an easily-accessible network of one-on-one life coaching
  • Host hundreds of people on Sundays through:
    • a culture of welcome,
    • charming physical space,
    • smart, practical teachings that are a joy to listen to and profoundly challenging,
    • engaging music, and
    • vibrant prayer times.
  • Develop a community center that endeavors to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of the people who live in our immediate neighborhoods.
  • Become a beloved and respected contributor to wider discussions about life through the rich arenas of art, education, culture, and social justice in Chicago and on the web.

Join us!

Are you as taken as we are by the project of being spiritually helpful to people of all backgrounds, religious and non-religious alike? Does connecting people with God in a way that seems sensible and attractive to just about anyone excite you? Does exploring the intersection of spirituality and wider culture sound like fun? Why not consider investing in BLV financially?

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