Sundays 10 am at the Davis Theater


Free coffee, tea, OJ, bagels, doughnuts

Hour and a half service, about 50 people in attendance each week

Informal, relaxed atmosphere; no dress requirement

Kids Program for infant through younger-elementary

Service includes a talk, time to pray, and music


Anxious? We Get it.

You might be wondering: if I give going to this church a try, will I stand out like a sore-thumb? Will everyone know what's going on but me? What if I don't believe what everyone else seems to believe? Will I feel like a jerk afterward for all those religious things I'm not doing?

We want you to be put at ease! Brown Line Vineyard is not a space that leaves people feeling anxious or like they're jerks. We try to make our services as "user friendly" as possible, whatever your background - whether you're a longtime church attender, or this is your first time giving it a try.

And, actually, we're an extremely diverse community in terms of religious background, and a surprising number of us were not churchgoing types at all before connecting in with this community -- 40% of us, according to our most recent survey; most churches in America, we're told, report only 4%!

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4614 N Lincoln. Walking distance from Western Brown Line Stop. Free street parking on Sundays.