Brown Line Vineyard

We all need help we can’t give ourselves.

How might faith in Jesus and community help you?


Our Vision

Faith with a healthy sense of humor and humility


Brown Line Vineyard (named for Chicago's Northside "L" train) doesn’t have all the answers. But we exist to help Chicagoans find deeper, fuller lives and connect with God -- especially those who have never fit well culturally in religious settings.

With a healthy sense of humor, we create space for people to experience for themselves the good God Jesus showed humanity. And with humility and an open mind, we engage our wider community by pursuing the compassion, justice, and personal growth work of Jesus.


Find out about Upcoming Events

We’d love to meet you! Check out what’s happening at Brown Line Vineyard.

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Connect with a Small Group

Get on a contact list for a social group, interest group, service opportunity, or Sunday team.

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Listen to a Sunday Talk

Could a church speak your language? Give one of our latest talks a listen and decide for yourself.

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Learn more about Jesus

Many religious settings present Jesus as a competitive figure, who is over and against other religions (and especially non-religious people), but our experience of Jesus is entirely different.

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