Sundays 10 AM

The Davis Theater
4614 N Lincoln


Anxious? We get it.

You might be wondering: if I give going to this church a try, will I stand out like a sore-thumb? Will everyone know what's going on but me? What if I don't believe what everyone else seems to believe? Will I feel like a jerk afterward for all those religious things I'm not doing?

We want you to be put at ease! Brown Line Vineyard is not a space that leaves people feeling anxious or like they're jerks. We try to make our services as "user friendly" as possible, whatever your background - whether you're a longtime church attender, or this is your first time giving it a try.

And, actually, we're an extremely diverse community in terms of religious background, and a surprising number of us were not churchgoing types at all before connecting in with this community -- 40% of us, according to our most recent survey; most churches in America, we're told, report only 4%!

What To Expect

We have free coffee, tea, bagels, and donuts every Sunday morning starting about a half hour before service begins at 10 AM.

Our service lasts about an hour and a half.

We're informal and relaxed, so there's no need to feel embarrassed if you show up late or have to leave early.

There is no dress requirement (most are in jeans and t-shirts)

We always have a talk and a time of prayer & music -- a mix of lively, soulful rock, a dash of gospel and traditional hymns, and some more contemplative folk, all led on guitar or keys

We have a kids program every week for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and younger elementary-ages

We have about 50 of the people who call BLV home in attendance each Sunday.


About Our Services

Coffee, Bagels, Opening Video

When you arrive, you'll find people mingling over our free coffee, tea, bagels, and doughnuts - both picking up with old friends and making new introductions. A little after 10 AM, we always kick things off with a video that's gone viral - sometimes to make us think, sometimes to engage our emotions, or often just to make us laugh.

Once we get going, we shoot for our services to run till about 11:30 AM - here's how that breaks down:

Welcome (5 minutes)

One of our pastors or leaders will call us together, welcome everyone, and pray to begin the service.

Talk (30 minutes)

This morning's speaker will share from her or his experience of spirituality or of trying to follow Jesus, with the hope that all of us feel more opened up and equipped to connect with the good and loving Living God. We find thoughtful engagement of the Bible is our best help to this end.  The day's Bible references and talk notes will be included in the program you receive when you walk in.

Invitation to Receive Prayer (5 minutes)

A team of people are available to pray with you one-on-one for any emotional, physical, or circumstantial need you may have, perhaps stirred up by today’s teaching.  Many find profound and powerful things happen during these prayers.  Don’t worry; what you share is confidential and no one will give you unasked-for advice - prayer team members just try to listen for God on your behalf and follow his lead.

Songs for Prayer & Worship (25 minutes)

While people are receiving prayer, the morning's band will lead the rest of us in song.  For centuries people have sung together to slow down from the pace of life and encounter God at an emotional level. Many at BLV sing along and even express themselves physically; others are more still and quiet.  Neither is a better way to participate - our only hope is that the music helps you connect with God in a way that works for you!

Announcements (5 minutes)

At this point, we'll hear some announcements (news, notes, or upcoming events) and pass a basket to receive any connection cards (you can fill one of these out to stay in contact with us) and to receive any donations (you, as someone just checking us out should feel no obligation to give - consider yourself our guest!).

Communion (10 minutes)

Sharing the bread and cup of communion is an ancient spiritual practice commemorating Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as the basis for needy humanity to connect with a loving God, and for people from different walks to connect with each other. Jesus first instituted the practice himself in the context of a meal with friends, and we try to capture that feel in the way we take communion together.

And that wraps us up!  Someone will pray a short benediction (or closing prayer) over everyone, and then people often resume the conversations they started during communion.