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Summer Tips for your Prayer Life (This Summer's Vision, Pt 3) - Vince Brackett & Kyle Hanawalt

Vince wants to rescue prayer from the “obligation zone” in people’s brains and put it in its right place in the “rest zone” in people’s brains. He shares from his own life a number of prayers that help him, and then Kyle shares why prayer is the key ingredient to this summer’s vision for BLV on being a “community of care”.

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This always works, except when it doesn't - Kyle Hanawalt

People who try their hardest don't always get rewarded. And people who seem to cut corners or take advantage of others sometimes do get rewarded. Is life meaningless? Or do we need to double down and be perfect in order to succeed? The Wisdom writings of the Bible (particularly the books of Proverbs & Ecclesiastes) can offer us balance, nuance, and a starting point for meaningful experiences of prayer when we feel overwhelmed by such questions.

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Help us navigate the gaps our privilege creates - Kyle Hanawalt

An obscure passage in the Old Testament book of Proverbs has lots to say about what happens when people of privilege (royalty in that day, white males in our day) are blind to the way that privilege affords them options that the rest of the world doesn't have. Bringing to a close our series on what we can improve on as a church, Kyle acknowledges the reality of white, male privilege in our community.

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